Lift Slide

Lift Slide Lift and Slide has been engineered to be the pinnacle of sliding door technology.

Lift and Slide Doors are widely used in top class building structures, such as bungalows or villas, luxurious or boutique hotels, premium quality condominiums and showrooms. This system is able to satisfy the most stringent requirement in terms of weather tightness, thermal and acoustic insulation, thus providing the residents with the highest level of comfort and greatly enhances the inhabitant's living or working environment.

Lift and Slide and pocket doors are a special configuration of sliding doors. The pocket door panels are recessing in a wall pocket when the door is opened. This type of door system leaves a dramatic, full wall-to-wall opening while the Lift and Slide without the pocket, all doors stack to one side or the other.

Pocket doors regularly use the Lift and Slide operating system where there are few limitations to the possible configurations. These door systems, either of wood or metal clad wood, can be any height up to 12 ft tall. They can be configured so that all pieces hide away on one side, or open in the middle and hide away on both sides.